So the largest group of welfare recipients are non-degreed White people yet their families are not plagued by single parenthood or absentee Father.
At the same time, the CDC shows that Black Fathers have the highest percentage of involvement with their children.
Here we have two diametrically opposed lines of thought yet we constantly hear the Black man = deadbeat dad rhetoric from within our own community especially from Black women who have not had the best experience.
Why is that?
Black women have become one of the most degreed subsets however as one artist put it there is a difference in being educated and having degrees.
We have been taught to trade time for money and our salaries are what they bribe us with to not follow our dreams.
Have you ever noticed that you do not have to have a degree to start a business but you in most instances you must have one to work FOR people who own them.
Think about it, they will fund you 100,000 to get a degree but they will not give you 10,000 to start your own business.
Why is that?
But I digress, I’m not bashing degree having or degree chasing.
I attacking a myth that is perpetuated by Sisters in our own communities fueled disinformation.
How is it Whites receive nearly 3 times as much welfare but do not suffer the from the plague of single parenthood?
I always laugh when I here degreed Black people (men and women) say, stop blaming the White man, stop talking about the system, man up, step up, blah blah blah dumb stuff dumb stuff. They sound like Ben Carson.
THERE IS a complex system in place targeted specifically at the Black man to hinder his success at taking care of his family.
If you do not believe that system is a factor any longer because of Barack Obama then you are part of the system like the people plugged into the Matrix.
and for those of you that cannot see the bridge between these two pictures, it is simply THE AMERIKKKAN SYSTEM OF LAW.
The school to prison pipeline
The disparity of sentencing
The guilty until proven innocence
The shoot first and justify later
The war on drugs
The modern-day lynchings
and yes the PART of the welfare system that seeks to keep the man out of the home.
The almost impossibility for any Black man who has been in the system to sustain a living.
You may look at these as excuses because you have letters behind your name and you are making close to 6 figures and “them dudes” had the same opportunity you had.
I would say you are confused.
I am honest enough to admit there are boys masquerading as men who ride that gravy train to do nothing HOWEVER, that does not mean that these things do not have a real effect on a large part of our community.
Why would I call you confused?
Neely Fuller said – if you do not understand white supremacy, what it is and what it does, EVERYTHING else you do understand will only server to confuse you.

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