So the largest group of welfare recipients are non-degreed White people yet their families are not plagued by single parenthood or absentee Father.   At the same time, the CDC shows that Black Fathers have the highest percentage of involvement with their children.   Here we have two diametrically opposed lines of thought yet we Read more..

Are we prepared for social equality yet? If you don’t think so, then vote for status quo. If you think incrementalism is the way to go, then vote for status quo. If you think we still need to struggle, then vote for status quo. “I’m talking straight because part of what we have to do Read more..

In May of 1918, Hampton Smith, a 31 year old White plantation owner in Brooks County, Georgia, was shot and killed by one of his Black workers named Sydney Johnson. Hampton Smith was known for abusing and beating his workers to the point few people in the area would work for him. To solve this Read more..

A few months ago I was downtown D.C. and as I came out of the restaurant there was a group of about 15 older black men on the corner playing Chess. They had 3 or 4 different games going on. No clock or judge, just some rickety worn out card tables and well used boards Read more..

The idea of building a “personal economy” around a job is naïve and obsolete, especially when one believes that the job will provide a permanent means of earning a living. This misunderstanding can lead to personal and economic collapse. I meet many individuals at events around the country, who classify themselves as “unskilled” or “semi-skilled” Read more..