Are we prepared for social equality yet? If you don’t think so, then vote for status quo. If you think incrementalism is the way to go, then vote for status quo. If you think we still need to struggle, then vote for status quo.

“I’m talking straight because part of what we have to do is shift the center of gravity of how African Americans engage the political process.

James Weldon Johnson said it’s almost as if the “Negro vote” has already been prepackaged and sealed to be delivered before they vote.

In 1956, “Why I Won’t Vote,” W. E. B. Du Bois writes this piece and says, “I reject the lesser of two evils.”

In 1965, Malcolm X said we should treat the ballot like a bullet, and, until we get our targets set, keep our ballot in our pockets.


So, part of what I’m saying to think strategically about the vote and what does it mean to actually embrace a radical Democratic vision. If you are a centrist liberal, own that. If you’re not, then embrace a different kind of politic.” — Professor Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

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